As the exclusive Sales Representative for the following products in Vietnam, Acrosemi Corporation is proud to offer a broad range of the world's leading innovative products and turn-key solutions used in the development and production of microelectronic devices for the semiconductor, photonics, hybrid and printed circuit industries and also for soldering, brazing and glass sealing of microelectronic packages and components. Our products have been designed to meet the highest standards for quality and reliability. We have equipment ranges from wire bonders, die bonders, die attach, epoxy die attach, pull tester, die molding, flip chip die bonders, wafer bonders, die handling equipment, burn-in & related services, burn-in equipment & boards, wet benches, rework BGA systems, test equipment, full-line of Surface Mount (SMT) systems, AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) and X-Ray systems, wafer and die tape to mounting equipment, a wide range of options for screen printers, automation equipment for parts handling, vision systems, in-line IR dryers and screen printing supplies, a wide range of options for mask aligners, dicing saws and laser scribing systems, dicing blades and processes used in the dicing of silicon-based ICs, hard material Microelectronic Components (MECs) and in package singulation, vacuum sealers, vacuum pressure furnaces, hermetic sealing systems, including projection and seam sealer for microelectronic and optoelectronic packages including solder-reflow, curing system, TO, butterfly style packages, and all kinds of Caramic, Tungsten Carbide, and Titanium Wire Bonding Wedges. , and a wide range selections of Bonding Wires: Au, Al, Pt, Cu, Ribbon.

 Select product that includes your application:


 Manual Die Bonders
 Manual Wire Bonders
 Semi-Automatic Wire Bonders
 Automatic Wire Bonders
 Pull Test Machines


 Manual Probers
 Semiautomatic Probers
 Fully Automatic Probers
 Specialty Probers


 Flip Chip Die Bonder
 Eagle Omni Die Bonder
 Manual Pick & Place System
 Die Ejector Grid
 Die Ejector System (Poker Plate)
 Semiconductor Wafer Dicing Tape
 UV Curable Dicing Tape
 High Purity Tape
 UV Exposure System
 Wafer/Frame Tape Applicator
 Wafer/Frame Tape Applicators
 Wafer/Backlap Applicator
 Hot Gas Rework Station
 Hot Gas Rework Module
 Die Matrix Expander (New Product!)


 Falcon 5x5 Conduction System
 Falcon 8 Reflow/Curing Series
 Falcon 1200 Reflow Solder/Curing System
 Falcon 8500 Reflow Solder/Curing System
 Falcon Ultra Profile 2000
 Falcon Ultra Profile 4000
 Falcon Inline Coating System (ICS) 412
 Indexer Wafer Handler


 Defluxing Systems
 Stencil Cleaning Systems
 Cleanliness Testers
 Spare Parts

 Others: Chemicals


 Wafer Bonders
 Vacuum / Pressure Furnaces
 Graphite Machining


 Projection Welders
 Parallel Seam Sealers
 Spot Welders
 Lid Tacker
 Snap-tite Component Insulators


 "E" Series Impulse Sealer
 "E" Series Vacuum Sealer
 "E" Series Vacuum Sealer With Dual Nozzles
 "E" Series Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer
 DTS Medial Series Digital Impulse Sealer With Temperature Control
 MTS Medial Series Color Touch Screen Impulse Sealer With Temperature Control
 DTV Medial Series Digital Vacuum Sealer With Temperature Control & Gas Purge
 TSV Medial Series Touch Screen Vacuum Sealer With Temperature Control & Gas Purge


 Automatic Bonding Tools
 Manual Bonding Tools
 Vertical Feed / Deep Access Tools
 Ribbon Bonding Tools
 TAB Bonding Tools
 Insulated Wire Bonding Tools
 Large Wire Bonding Tools
 Micro - BGA tools (Tessera)
 Hesse & Knipps / Palomar Deep Access Series
 The A8D Option
 Tool Options


 PLA 501 Series Mask Aligner
 PLA 600 Series Mask Aligner
 MPA 500 / 600 Series Mask Aligners
 Q4000-4 Mask Aligner
 Q4000-6 Mask Aligner
 Q7500 Series Mask Aligner
 Q1200 Flood Expose System
 NeuVision² Automated Pattern Recognition Alignment System

Most of our products are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. These manufactures have dedicated theirs resources to the manufacture and sale of precision bonding machines, test equipment, and related products, and we gratefully acknowledge each and every one of our customers for their loyalty.

If you are unable to find what you need, please call us or send us a request.


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