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West·Bond Model 70PTE - Click on photo to see larger image.

Model 70PTE Wire Pull Tester provides an exceptionally convenient means to place a hook under the arch of a bonded wire and then lower the wire under microprocessor control to measure tensile strength, either destructively or non-destructively. Embodied in this series is a new and unique West·Bond three-axis micromanipulator in which the entire mechanism is arrayed above the work plane, so that there is now no limit to the size of the work piece. The X, Y, and Z axes are straight-line and purely orthogonal, and each is braked pneumatically during the workstation pull stroke. Dual counterweights balance the pantograph arm and the tool support individually, complemented by an adjustable spring to counterbalance the hook tool assembly. The large work platform moves up and down in extremely small steps about a simple pivot while a load cell measures the force of the wire on the hook.

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  • CONTROL LOGIC: Motorola 68000 Microprocessor
  • MEMORY: Battery back-up RAM
  • DATA ENTRY: Selector switch
  • Z TOOL RANGE: 0.5625 inch
  • Z ENCODER RESOLUTION: 0.002 inch
  • TEST FORCE RANGE: up to 100 grams
  • TEST RANGE: 0.125" Depth, 360º Rotation
  • RESOLUTION: 0.1 gram; ACCURACY: +/- 0.2 grams.
  • ESD PROTECTION: Protection against Electrostatic Discharge
  • DISPLAY: 4 line, 40 character LCD
  • MICROMANIPULATOR: Dual counterbalanced, single lever, 8:1 ratio
  • COMPUTER INTERFACE: RS-232 Windows compatible (optional)
  • MICROSCOPE: Selection available (ESD types available)
  • ILLUMINATOR: Selection available (ESD types available)
  • WORK HOLDERS: Wide selection plus custom fabrication services
  • COMPRESSED AIR: Regulated to 50 psig, is required. Connection is via 1/4-inch tubing
  • ELECTRICAL SERVICE: Required is 50-60 Hz, single phase, either 115 VAC or 230 VAC, selected automatically
  • DIMENSION: W=24.000" D=21.250" H=11.625" (exclusive of microscope, or H=15.000" to scope eyepieces)
  • WEIGHT: 70 lbs uncreated, or 140 lbs accessorized and crated

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