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West·Bond 7300E Series :: Model 7372E, Model 7367E, and Model 7374E

  Model 7372E – Convertible Epoxy / Eutectic Die Bonder
  Model 7367E – Dual Head Eutectic Tweezer Die Bonder
  Model 7374E – Dual Head Beam Lead Diode Bonder

UNLIMITED DEEP REACH access to remote bond targets on large packages with WEST·BOND’S new throatless chassis and micromanipulator designs. All machine components, circuitry, and enclosures are arrayed above the horizontal bond plane, eliminating any restrictions to package size or shape. Manual "E" Series models are available for all microwave, semiconductor, R.F., and hybrid production, and are ideal for repair station or laboratory use.

CONVERTIBLE MODEL 7372E includes interchangeable tool head assemblies for bonding by either epoxy (near right) or eutectic (far right) methods. Pick-up tool rotation and radiant heat are standard. All programmed bond variables for each tool head assembly are retained in memory, and are retrieved upon conversion.

MODEL 7367E combines mechanized tweezers for pick-up, placement, and scrubbing of die, with a rotatable vacuum capillary for pick-up and placement of pre-forms. Tweezing is activated pneumatically with the clamping force adjustable to the very low values necessary to pick up and place fragile die that could be damaged by other handling means.



MODEL 7374E adapted for ultrasonic bonding, with heat of the tab leads of beam lead diodes. The right head, the same as the machines above, is used for pick up of the tabbed die with provision for rotation at placement. The left head (see right) is equipped with K~Sine 46E Ultrasonic transducer and with radiant heat to the bond tool

  • CONTROL LOGIC: Motorola 68000 Microprocessor
  • MEMORY: Battery back-up RAM
  • DATA ENTRY: Selector switch
  • Z TOOL RANGE: 0.5625 inch
  • Z ENCODER RESOLUTION: 0.001 inch
  • WORK PLATFORM: Elevation adjustable through 0.625 inch
  • BOND FORCE RANGE: Adjustable, 10 to 175 grams
  • TRANSDUCER: ½ wave, 63 KHz (nominal)
  • ULTRASONICS: Built-in, 8 bit, 4 watts (Ultrasonic Positioning Utility)
  • ESD PROTECTION: Protection against Electrostatic Discharge
  • PICK-UP TOOL: Length 0.625 inch; Dia. 0.0625 inch
  • EPOXY DISPENSE NEEDLE: Length 0.625 inch; Bore 0.0095 inch
  • MECHANICAL SCRUB: Programmable cycle, stroke, and rate
  • RADIANT TOOL HEAT: Built-in (7372E & 7374E)
  • MICROMANIPULATOR: Dual counterbalanced, single lever, 8:1 ratio
  • MICROSCOPE: Selection available (ESD types available)
  • ILLUMINATOR: Selection available (ESD types available)
  • WORK HOLDERS: Wide selection plus custom fabrication services


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