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  • CONTROL LOGIC: Motorola 68000 Microprocessor
  • MEMORY: Battery back-up RAM
  • DATA ENTRY: Selector switch
  • Z TOOL RANGE: 0.5 inch
  • Z ENCODER RESOLUTION: 0.001 inch
  • BOND FORCE RANGE: Adjustable, 10 to 75 grams
  • ESD PROTECTION: Protection against Electrostatic Discharge
  • DISPLAY: 4 line, 40 character LCD
  • CONVENTIONAL TOOL LENGTH: 0.625 inch x 0.0625 Dia.
  • OPTIONAL TOOL DIA: 0.1250 available
  • MICROMANIPULATOR: Dual counterbalanced, single lever, 8:1 ratio
  • RADIANT TOOL HEAT: Built-in (7316c Only)
  • MICROSCOPE: Selection available (ESD types available)
  • ILLUMINATOR: Selection available (ESD types available)
  • WORK HOLDERS: Wide selection plus custom fabrication services


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