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If the seven zones of the Ultra Profile 2000 aren't enough to create the profiles you need, SIKAMA's twelve-zone Ultra Profile 4000 is the machine you're looking for. Using the same Conduction+Convection technology as the Ultra Profile 2000, the 4000 is available in a manually operated version, and two automated versions.

The twelve zones comprise a cooled loading platform, seven Conduction+Convection heat zones, three top and bottom liquid-cooled zones, and a liquid-cooled offload platform. Each top and bottom stage combines independent set point controls for precise temperature controls and exceptional profile flexibility. The Ultra Profile shares many of the same features as the Ultra Profile 2000 and will reflow the same types of components and substrates. Balanced heating and cooling ensures cost-efficient operation, translating into production savings for your operation.

PDF Ultra Profile Series Datasheet (0.98 MB)

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