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For larger substrates or larger production runs, consider the Falcon Eight conduction system, which will handle substrates up to 8" by 11.25", roughly the size of a piece of copy paper. This system gives you a full 60" of heated area with three, four, or five individually controlled heat zones and features your choice of water or air cooling.

SIKAMA's Falcon 8/C adds forced gas convection throughholes in the heating platens to the standard system. The inert exhaust hood gives you the ability to process higher mass parts, and provides excellent solder bond with lower component temperature and faster process speed. Consider the 8/C model for substrates such as ceramic, glass/epoxy, paper based phenolic, flex circuits, "green tape", duroid, porcelanized materials, and more.

The machines are available with up to five heat zones and a full line of options, such as control software, water cooled stages, chillers, inert/reducing hoods and the speed/time feature, which allows the machine to be operated in dwell mode. SIKAMA International can configure a Falcon Eight or 8/C system with the accessories you need to get your reflow jobs done efficiently.

PDF Falcon 8 Series Datasheet (916 KB)

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