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In pilot parlance, five-by-five means "loud and clear". In the world of reflow soldering systems it means "value and performance". SIKAMA's lowest priced machine is still a full-featured reflow system capable of handling moderate production runs of SMT and hybrid circuits, as well as curing adhesives and soldering components with preforms. Its compact table-top size makes it a perfect fit in a prototyping lab or rework station. Our customers also use this low-cost, full-featured machine for process design and simulation.

Available with three, four, or five individually controlled heating zones, the 5x5 handles substrate sizes up to 5" by 5.5". This is SIKAMA's only system with a standard speed/time feature, which allows you to run it in either linear or dwell mode. In dwell mode, you program a length of time for the substrate to stay in each heating zone, making it ideal for die mount and curing applications. Cooling is accomplished by your choice of air or water.

Options for the 5x5 include an inert gas hood,accessories for removing waste fumes, and an additionaloff-loading zone.

PDF Falcon 5x5 System Datasheet (914 KB)

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