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SemiProbe has created numerous specialty probers to meet the needs and application requirements of our customers. From R & D to production, these solutions provide cost effective means to accomplish the difficult tests that new applications and products require. We are dedicated to finding solutions that help lower your cost of test!

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RA-100 Research Assistant

A laboratory R & D system with multiple configurations for Cryo, Vacuum, High temperature, and 4 point probing.

AVP - Automatic Vacuum Prober

A high speed automatic vacuum prober with incredible upgrade capabilities!

Magnetic Stimulation System

Allows DUT exposure to a powerful magnetic source under controlled conditions.

Optoelectronics Test Platform

From R & D to production, this system is capable of LED, VCSEL or EELD laser diode test.

Custom Solutions

SemiProbe recognizes that leading edge companies and research facilities are often plagued by difficult test challenges. To meet these needs creative solutions must be engineered. SemiProbe prides itself in our ability to work with our customers to engineer specific solutions on time and on budget!

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