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The SA-12 is a robust, high-speed semiautomatic probing system for wafers 300 mm and smaller that is self-tuning for stable and repeatable probe marks. The SA-12 supports multi-die probing, mapping, inking and contact sense. With configurations suitable for many probing applications, the SA-12 is easy to set up and operate.

It features:

  • Vertical or horizontal wafer alignment.
  • 2-point or scan wafer alignment modes.
  • Local, PC or remote control options.
  • Remote interface options (TTL, RS232C, GPIB,TCP/IP).


  • Upgrade capability to 450 mm!
  • Cold Chamber option or upgrade
  • PILOT Prober Control Software
  • EVA "One Button" probing option or upgrade
  • Accessories easily configured for individual users
  • Warranty includes ALL parts, labor & travel!
  • DC to 325 GHz
  • Custom configured for your needs and application

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