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Fully Automatic Systems

SemiProbe provides a family of fully automatic wafer probing systems with several unique models to choose from. They are all robust high speed probing solutions equipped with cassette holders for wafers up to 300 mm, pre-aligners, and robotic systems with end effectors designed specifically for the application. The Known Good Die Stretch Frame systems automatically load diced wafers on stretch frame, rapidly learns the position of each die (X, Y, Theta), and probes them at high speed. It is self-tuning for stable and repeatable probe marks. All models support inking, mapping and contact sense. The easy to learn and use PILOT software suite makes the systems easy to setup, interface to and operate.

Models feature:

  • Automatic vertical/horizontal 2 point alignment.
  • Full wafer, diced wafer and stretch-frame capability.
  • Remote interface options (TTL, RS232C, GPIB,TCP/IP).

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