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MSS - Magnetic Stimulation System

The PS4L-MSS (Probe System for Life™ Magnetic Stimulation System) is a research and development tool designed to allow the researcher the ability to move a magnetic source under the DUT (within 3 mm) and control the location of that magnetic source in X, Y, Z and theta. In addition, standard probe station X, Y, Z and theta controls are available on the DUT.

Ideally suited to MRAM, FeRAM and Spintronics research.

It features:

  • Full range of movement freedom for the DUT and magnetic source
  • DC or HF/Microwave probes
  • Choice of optics
  • Optional positional measurement


  • Development and quality control measurements of in-plane magnetic field effects in magnetic thin films, magnetic media and magnetic devices such as FeRAM and MRAM. The open geometry reduces the difficulties of access to the sample surface for radiation beams for MOKE (Magneto-Optic Kerr Effect) and SMOKE (Surface MOKE).
  • Calibration and test cycle times for Hall effect, MR (Magneto Resistive) and GMR (Giant MR) magnetic field sensors.
  • Chemical reaction rates and biological sample activity in magnetic fields may be monitored because of the improved access for elecrical and optical probes.

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