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Automatic Vacuum Prober (AVP)

The AVP is a fully automatic vacuum probing system designed for high rate production test of any device which requires vacuum atmosphere for accurate testing and to avoid damage to the DUT (device under test).

Capabilities available include:

  • Vacuum to 10-4 torr
  • Expandable design grows with your requirements
  • Redundant vacuum systems means high reliability
  • Ideal for microbolometers and other IR sensors, MEMS, etc.
  • Quad and Hex Base unit models for higher expansion capacity
  • Accessories for your application
  • Choice of Optics
  • Single control station
  • Individual modules may be added or taken off line as needed without disturbing neighboring modules
  • Uses industry standard probe card sizes - requires vacuum capable materials
  • Wafers up to 300 mm
For R & D vacuum probing applications, please visit our RA-100 Research Assistant page!

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