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Neutronix-Quintel (NXQ) is a leading provider of microlithography equipment for the Opto-electronic, Microsystem and Nanotechnology markets. Our unique history gives us critical experience and expertise in equipment engineering and allows us to consistently deliver high quality, reliable solutions, especially, at a highly competitive price. Equally as important, we are a full service manufacturer, providing our customers with a single source for training, equipment maintenance and parts replacement. Focus on customer satisfaction is our formula for success!

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 MPA 500 / 600 Series Mask Aligners

 PLA 501 Series Mask Aligner

 PLA 600 Series Mask Aligner

 Q7500 Series Mask Aligner

 Q4000-4 Mask Aligner

 Q4000-6 Mask Aligner

 Q1200 Flood Expose System

 NeuVision² Automated Pattern Recognition Alignment System

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All Neutronix-Quintel (NXQ) products are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

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