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DeWeyl Tool, Inc. provides the finest quality bonding wedges in the world. DeWeyl's primary business is manufacturing wirebond wedges, die pickup tools, and Custom high precision tooling for the Semiconductor, Aerospace, and Medical Industry. DeWeyl produces wedges made from ceramic, titanium, and tungsten carbide used in bonding Aluminum, Gold, Copper, and Platinum wires.

DeWeyl Tool, Inc. continues to offer the industries first high technology bonding wedge for "deep access" applications as well as standard wire feed angles. DeWeyl's "deep access" or "vertical feed" bonding wedges offer significant solutions in maintaining maximum looping and tail control. DeWeyl vertical feed bonding wedges are offered with 45 degree, 52 degree and 60 degree feed hole angles. Common bonding wedge materials such as Tungsten Carbide and Titanium have exhibited specific performance limitations thus DeWeyl Tool, Inc. developed the industries first ceramic tip bonding wedge.

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DeWeyl's ceramic tip bonding wedge offers a unique and enhanced surface texture. This surface texture allows optimum ultrasonic coupling with the wire structure. This results in a superb tool-to-wire interface and thus efficient ultrasonic energy transfer. The DeWeyl ceramic tip wedge offers impressive benefits for both gold wire, aluminum wire and gold ribbon ultrasonic applications. Here are some of the reported advantages when using DeWeyl's ceramic tip wedge.

    Increased Bond Adhesion
    Increased Pull Test Results
    Ultrasonic Output Reduction
    Extended Wedge Life
    Improved Bond Definition
    Gold Bonding At Ambient Temperatures
    Improved Production Yields



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