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Polaris Electronics Corp. offers a wide range of options to complete your hermetic sealing system. And we allow you to select the exact options you need.

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Atmosphere Chambers:

Our Atmosphere Chambers feature a charging system with 1 1/2" water column positive pressure of nitrogen or other inert gases.They are constructed from 304 stainless steel featuring a modular construction with removable end panels. Optional moisture monitors and current analyzers available with our atmosphere chambers. Select from 2 sizes:

  • 24" X 24" X 48" (2-glove port)
  • 24" X 24" X 60" (4-glove port)
  • Atmosphere Chambers Brochure

  • Pass-Thru Interlock Chamber:

    • Remove welded parts independent of the oven.
    • Purging Gas Controls and dual interlock doors maintain gas integrity in atmosphere chamber.

    Vacuum Bake-Out Oven:

    Used to bake packages under vacuum to help eliminate moisture. Our standard Vacuum Bake-Out Oven features automatic oven control up to 200° C. A special order system is available with an automatic oven control up to 350° C.

    • Available in range of sizes to accommodate various production schedules
    • Includes vacuum pump
    • Available with optional Cycle Master Automatic Programmable Oven Sequencer


  • Vacuum Bake-Out Oven Brochure

  • Orion II Gas Dryers:

    The Orion II Gas Dryers are capable of achieving levels of less than 5 PPM of moisture and oxygen. They are available in both single and dual column systems and recirculate gas at 2400 CFH.

  • Orion II Gas Dryers Brochure

  • Current Analyzer:

    • Monitors current during welding process
    • Essential for setting up precise weld schedules
    • Available with optional Cycle Master Automatic Programmable Oven Sequencer
  • Current Analyzer Brochure

  • Hermetic Sealing Services:

    • Metal to metal and ceramic to metal microelectronic and optoelectronic package sealing to mil standard
    • Vacuum bake-out to help remove moisture
    • Leak Tests to Mil standard
    • De-lidding packages to preserve electronics


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