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Polaris Electronics Projection Welders hermetically seal DIP packages, TO, optical, semiconductor, crystal and custom packages. Production rates up to 2000 packages per hour. Projection welders can be configured with either A/C or Capacitor Discharge power supplies with energy output from 1000 through 7000 Joules available in C/D systems.

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Accu-Weld 4100 AC/4200 CD Vacuum Welder:

Accu-Weld 4100 AC/Accu-Weld 4200 CD Projection Welding system has capability of hermetically sealing one small metal electronic package at a time in one shot by pulling a vacuum and welding, pulling a vacuum and backfilling with an inert gas and welding, or by welding without pulling a vacuum or backfilling with an inert gas.

  • Accu-Weld 4100 AC/CD
  • Accu-Weld 4100 AC/Accu-Weld 4200 CD

  • Accu-Weld 5100 AC/5200 CD Single-Station Welder:

    Accu-Weld 5100 AC/5200 CD single station projection welder. This system will weld one projection weld type package with flanges on the header and lid at a time. This system does not have the capability of welding in a vacuum.

  • Accu-Weld 5100 AC/CD
  • Accu-Weld 5100 AC/Accu-Weld 5200 CD
  • Click here to watch our Accu-Weld 5200 CD in action! Video:
    Watch our Accu-Weld 5200 CD in action!

    Accu-Weld 7100 AC/7200 CD Multi-Station Welder:

    Accu-Weld 7100 AC/Accu-Weld 7200 CD Projection welding system with capability of hermetically sealing (8) small metal electronic packages in one shot on our (8) position rotary table welding system. Accu-Weld 7100 AC/7200 CD (8) position rotary table projection welding system. This system has (8) positions available for loading (8) packages at a time on the rotary table and welding at a rate of 2000 + per hour depending on material and size of package.

  • Accu-Weld 7100 AC/CD
  • Accu-Weld 7100 AC/Accu-Weld 7200 CD
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