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Deweyl Tool offers customer bonding tools solutions to address the problems of today's complex package designs. Here are some of the options we can offer you. You may reference these options as A1-A10 & A12 - A13. For example the A1 option offers a clearance cut on either side of the tool. See the picture below. These options are in our catalog.

Below are shown various problem situations that can occur during bonding operations and their solutions. When choosing an option, please note the corresponding option number (A-1, A-2, etc.) when completing the part number from the Ordering Information sections. These option numbers should appear as the last item in the part number.

Problems / Solutions

Option numbers

Problems / Solutions

Option numbers

A1 Option - Side Step

A2 Option - Side Chamfer

A3 Option - Back Step

A4 Option - Front Step

A5 Option - Front Step / Back Step

A6 Option - End Relief

A7 Option

A8 Option - Double Back Step Vertical

A9 Option - Back Chamfer

A10 Option - Double Flat

A12 Option - Reverse Flat

A13 Option - Chamfer

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