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X-Ray – Model YTX X1

Automated In-line X-Ray Inspection System

• Highest Defect Detection
• Low False Calls
• Fast Throughput
• Quick Set-up
• Cost Effective

YESTech's YESTech’s versatile X1 Automated X-Ray InspectionSystem ( AXI ) offers complete inspection of solderjoints and other critical hidden features found in electronic assemblies, PCB’s and packaged semiconductors. Ideal for in-line or off-line operation, the X1’s proven algorithms enable fastand reliable automated inspection and real-time monitoring of critical process information.

Programming the X1 is fast and intuitive. Operators typically take less than 30 minutes to create a complete inspection program. The X1 utilizes a standard package library to simplify training and insure program portability across manufacturing lines. Newly available image processing technology integrates several techniques and inspection algorithms to provide complete inspection coverage with an extremely low false failure rate.

The YESTech X1 Automated X-Ray system is an effective inspection tool for ball grid array devices, components undershields and complex high density boards. When integratedwith YESTech AOI systems, the X1 can increase fault coverageto include nearly all process defects.

Optional remote programming and SPC software can be utilized to provide a comprehensive yield enhancement solution.

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