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X-Ray – Model YTX 3000 HXR

Extremely High Resolution X-Ray System

• Open Tube Low Maintenance Design
• Sub-micron Resolution
• High Magnification
• Superior Software
• Cost Effective

YESTech's YTX-3000 HXR x-ray system combines extremely high resolution and magnification with the proven power and ease of use of the YTX-3000, to provide SMT and semiconductor manufacturers the most cost-effective high resolution x-ray inspection solution available.

Featuring an open-tube transmission target x-ray source with integral high-voltage power supply and computer-controlled operation, the HXR system easily resolves sub-micron features with zoom magnifications up to 2400 x. The source is designed for minimum maintenance, with easily replaceable filament and target assembly.

The 3000 HXR is available with a 4 or 5 axis sample manipulator and a 15" x 20" (380 mm x 500 mm) x-y travel for samples up to 5 pounds in weight. Full 360 degrees of rotation and 30 degrees of tilt are available. Computer-controlled motor drives provide a wide rage of motion from ultra-slow use at high magnifications, to high speed for travel over large distances. All systems come with a unique control module and programmable motion for automated inspection.

Each YTX system is equipped with YESTech's proprietary machine vision technology for fully automated inspection of BGA and flip chip devices. Other optional inspections include die attach, bond wire and correct assembly verification.

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