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Automated Pattern Recognition Alignment System

NeuVision combines our wealth of PLA experience with user-friendly software to create an alignment system that easily adapts to a broad range of application challenges. With NeuVision installed on your PLAs, you can:
NeuVision² Automated Pattern Recognition Alignment System
  • Automatically align on irregular wafer surfaces such as metal layers or other noisy or low return thin films.

  • Define your own alignment marks. While the Chevron Scheme can be used, it is not required for automatic alignment significantly increasing the capture area and eliminating the cost of retooling masks.

  • Program alignment tolerances to match production goals. Extremely tight alignment, 1 um 3 sigma, can be achieved reliably, throughput can be increased by relaxing tolerance specifications.

  • Reduce wafer to mask contacts and decrease defect densities associated with resist lift off.

  • Dramatically improves system ergonomics.

  • NeuVision² Data Sheet (333 KB)

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