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Environmentally Responsible Evaporator

Aqueous Technologies' Model E101 evaporator provides a zero-discharge environment for various aqueous cleaning systems such as de-fluxing equipment, stencil cleaning systems, and many other aqueous-based equipment.The E101 Evaporator is equipped with a myriad of standard features, many of which are exclusive to the E101.

High Performance

The E101 Evaporator has an impressive continuous evaporation rate of 13 gallons per hour. Equipped with a 136 gallon integrated storage tank, the E101 Evaporator can handle volumes of process waste water. Superior Controls.
The E101 Evaporator is equipped with an intelligent control system, providing full equipment status at a glance. The E101 Evaporator is designed to operate in a fully automatic mode, automatically turning on and off as water and temperature levels allow. The E101 Evaporator will also signal a user when the tank is full or when the solution is fully concentrated

Robust Design

The E101 Evaporator is equipped with a rugged 12 gauge 136 gallon stainless steel heating tank. One half inch insulation keeps heat away from the exterior powder-coated panels. A built-in sight glass allows a user to determine the evaporator's volume status at a glance without having to open any panels.

Smart Link

The E101 Evaporator is equipped with a "Smart-Link" connector. Smart-Link allows the evaporator to send a signal to a cleaning system notifying it that the evaporator is full.

Dimensions 32"W x 32"D x 62.5"H / 818mm x 818mm x 1587.5mm  
(excluding valves and utility connections)
Empty Weight 530 lbs (755 kg)
Full Weight 1665 lbs (240.4 kg)
Volume Capacity 136 gallons / 515 liters
Available Electrical Configurations 240 VAC / 3 phase / 87 amps 60Hz / 50 Hz
480 VAC / 3 phase / 44 amps 60Hz / 50 Hz
400 (380) VAC / 3 phase / 36 amps 60Hz / 50 Hz
Evaporation Rate 13 gallons (49 liters) per hour (at 240 VAC)
Exhaust Flow 100-300 CFM
Water Connection 3/4" NPT
Sludge Drain 3/4" NPT
Exhaust 6" (152.4mm)
Control Panel Main Power Switch
Tank Full Indicator
Maximum Concentration Indicator
Drain Required Indicator
Reset Alarm Button
Heater Status Indicator
Sight Glass Tempered High Temperature Glass with Emergency Drain
Tank Construction 12 Gauge Stainless Steel
Exterior Panels Power-Coated Steel Panels

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