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The Upper Board Rack

Need to increase your throughput? Have boards with less than 6" in height? Then this is the option for you. The upper Boards rack allows any Trident to double its throughput. The second rack option includes two Adjustable board racks, additional plumbing and a second set of upper and lower spray arms.

The Adjustable Board Rack

Larger boards the problem? Need to maximize washing times? With this option any operator can maximize the use of their time by pre-loading a basket of boards before the original load has completed its cycle, a must for three shift applications. Click here to buy now!

Containment Tray

ESD safe floors are a large investment. Protect that investment with a Stainless Steel containment tray from Aqueous Technologies. This tray eliminates the opportunity for water or wash chemistry to spill onto the floor, it also comes standard with an audible alarm. Click here to buy now!

Lockable Casters

Floor space is expensive! Does your Trident have to be located next to a wall? What better way to be able to move the Trident than Lockable Casters. These Casters allow one person to move a 900lb machine for service or preventive maintenance.

Evaporation System

Are you a Zero Discharge facility? Do you want to be a Zero Discharge facility? One way to accomplish that goal is the E101 Evaporator from Aqueous Technologies. This 135 gallon evaporator will evaporate 13 gallons of waste water an hour while maintaining constant communications with your Trident to ensure no over flow occurs. Click here to buy now!

Light Tower

Do you need to know the status of your Trident from across the shop floor? then the light tower option is for you. Red, Yellow and Green lights let you know the running conditions and alert you to any specific condition.

Variable Speed Controller

Tridents spray pressures to high for some of your complex assemblies, then the variable speed controller is for you. The variable speed controller allows a qualified operator the ability to slow the motor speed of the wash/rinse pump to decrease the impact pressure placed on your assemblies.

Wash filter

Do you have particulate in your wash solution? Does your chemistry supplier advise you to filter their chemistry? If so the Wash Solution Filter is for you. A Stainless Steel filter housing, a 20 micron pleated cartridge and all the associated plumbing needed to install the housing.

Dual Dosatron

Does your specific cleaning need require a concentration higher than 16%? Then the Dual Dosatron is the answer. With the addition of a 2nd dosing unit a concentration of 29% can be maintained. One unit feeds the second unit and the resulting mixture is sent directly to the wash solution holding tank.

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